Cute Gardener With Vegetables

What Is the Best Compost for Growing Fruit & Veggies?

If you want to find the best way to grow your cabbages, search no more. Here, we have answers to the best compost for growing vegetables. Learn how you can prepare your land to get the best results.

Moldy Veggies

Can You Put Moldy Food in Compost or Worm Bin?

Are you lost on whether you should put moldy food in your compost? Worry no more. Yes, you can. You can add moldy fruits and vegetables to your compost pile in the backyard.

Compost Covered With Ashes

How to Compost Wood Ashes? Tips to Improve Your Soil!

Ash is good on compost as it doesn’t contain nitrogen and can’t burn the plants. It is best on the compost pile as it is a source of potassium and lime. It helps in maintaining the neutral nature of the compost.

Composting Coffee Grounds

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Compost?

Used coffee grounds, irrespective of their color, are green compost materials. That means they are rich in nitrogen. The used coffee grounds contain 1.45% nitrogen. They also contain other minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.

Composting In Winter Season

Useful Tips for Winter Composting. How to Compost in Winter Season!

Composting during winter is possible. But to ensure you get quality compost and ensure your compost is ready before gardening, you need to have some tips in mind. Here are some!

Vegetables And Compost

Why Composting Is Important? [Useful Tips for Beginners]

The composting process is easy and doesn’t have to be smelly when you use the right tools. To get why you should always compost the organic waste in your house, read through this article, and that way, you will take part in saving the surroundings and the world as a whole.

Mushroom Compost

How to Use Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is an excellent addition to your garden. It is a perfect soil builder, and it comes in handy in breaking down the dense clay and helping keep the soil moist.

Finished Compost

When Is Compost Ready? How to Tell When It’s Finished?

What are the signs that you should look out for to know that your compost is finished? If the compost is not ready for use, it means it is still emitting heat, which can kill the plants if you add it to the soil.

Fresh Grass Clippings

Compost From Grass Clippings. Best Way to Compost Grass!

Are you lost on the best way to use grass clippings for composting? Apart from using the clippings for composting, you can also use them as mulch in your garden. Here is a guide on how you can use clippings for composting and mulching.

Kids And Composting

Compost for Kids. Composting Activities for Kids.

Kids can make high-quality composted given compostable material and simple instructions. Allow your children to experiment with composting different contents. They can also have fun with worms in vermicomposting.

Mulch Red Timber Woodchip

Compost vs Mulch. What’s the Difference?

Are you lost on the difference between compost and mulch? Here is a comprehensive guide that simplifies the two to get rid of the confusion. 

Humus Soil

Compost vs Humus. Which Is Better and Why?

Composting involves recycling organic matter while making humus results from decaying organic matter. Humus forms very slowly, resulting in gardeners preferring compost over humus.

Eggshells In Compost

Can You Compost Eggshells?

Can you put eggshells in your compost pile? And do they break down in the garden? Decomposing eggshells is an excellent way of recycling a component that would have been thrown away.

Mineral Fertilizer

Compost vs Fertilizer Explained. Pros & Cons.

A clear distinction between fertilizer and compost is that fertilizer feeds your plants while compost feeds your garden’s soil. When you add fertilizer to your soil, the nutrient level improves.

Pile Of Hot Compost

Can Compost Piles Catch Fire? Learn How You Can Prevent This!

A compost pile can catch fire in certain conditions. When spontaneous combustion occurs in the composting heap, the temperatures rise resulting in the pile catching fire.

Weeds In Compost Bin

Can You Compost Weeds? Tips for Composting Weeds the Safe Way!

Is there a way you can compost weeds? The first step is leaving the weed under the sun to dry, so ensure the roots are dead and make the process of making compost easy.

Bread For Compost

Can You Compost (Stale) Bread?

Composting bread is possible, and it has no harmful effects on the compost. If you are looking for the best way to compost moldy bread, here is a comprehensive guide.