Best Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews

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Is your compost bin making your kitchen environment unconducive with uninviting smells and bugs all over? Not all compost bins are ideal for a kitchen environment.

Thankfully, our detailed piece covers the best compost bins picked after extensive research.

Our Choice

We like Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin that offers longevity. It’s hassle-free to use, keeps odors out of your kitchen, and takes up minimal space. Find out everything about this masterpiece bin below, plus much more on kitchen composting.

Kitchen Compost Bins Comparison Chart

15 Best Countertop Compost Bins Reviews

Below are our best kitchen composters for home and office use.

1. Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin – Best Overall

With its airtight lid, the affordable Epica traps odors within it for a comfortable experience. It also features an effortlessly replaceable activated charcoal filter. This enhances odor containment. Plus, it lasts for over six months for minimal costs.

Epica Stainless-Steel bin features a 304-grade construction with a single-piece molded design. For this reason, it prevents rusting, effectively keeping out harmful chemicals from your food waste.

This kitchen composter features a 1-gallon capacity that accommodates days of your kitchen waste. Still, it has a compact 11” height and 7.16” diameter to comfortably fit your countertop.

Finally, it has a sturdy carry handle, and opening the lid is a breeze. You can effortlessly take out your green to feed the worms in your composter.


  • An airtight lid to control odors
  • Single-piece mold design to avoid joint rusting
  • 304 stainless steel construction for longevity
  • Charcoal filter for odor prevention
  • Large capacity to accommodate numerous food scraps


  • Permits entry of fruit flies
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2. Polder Kitchen Composter-Flexible silicone bucket – Best Silicon

Given its sleek, compact shape and 1.65-pound weight, Polder is the perfect composter for your kitchen countertop.

The compost bin features an invertible design that allows you to empty it without touching the decomposing remains. Plus, this makes cleaning it a breeze. Its non-stick surface eases rinsing it off, and it’s also dishwasher safe.

Furthermore, it features a sturdy steel frame that enhances the unit’s stability while ensuring long-term usage.

The lid is rotatable. Hence, it allows you to adjust the settings for the adjustable airflow needed for decomposition and odor control.

The kitchen composter has a 3.8-liter capacity ideal for the temporary storage of days-worth of kitchen scraps. This makes it perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.


  • Inverts for hassle-free emptying
  • A non-stick surface thus easy to clean
  • Rotatable lid for flexible aeration
  • Sturdy steel frame for support
  • Light silicone construction for effortless mobility


  • May have a fruit fly issue
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3. Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin – Best With Compost Bags

Full Circle features a patented design to allow ample airflow. Because of this, it ensures you have less odor and keeps out fruit flies.

You’ll love its swift and convenient opening design, given its push-button functionality. The compost bin features a 1.5-gallon capacity to offer you adequate temporary storage of kitchen waste. Still, it has a compact design and weighs 0.15 kilograms. Moving it around is effortless. Plus it’s ideal for office and home use as it takes minimal counter space.

The composter boasts BPA-free plastic construction to ease cleaning. Besides, this plastic and some of its steel parts are recyclable, ensuring environmental protection.

Lastly, it comes with five compostable bags. These lower your purchases, ease content removal and ensure your bin isn’t too dirty for quick cleaning.


  • Patented design to minimize odors
  • Push-button hassle-free opening
  • Compact size to suit numerous locations
  • Come-along compostable bags to lower costs


  • The wire ring may not be the best quality
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4.Chef’n EcoCrock Compost Bin – Best Style

The 0.75-gallon Chef’n Compost bin features a vented lid. Due to this, it permits proper aeration that facilitates proper decomposition while minimizing odor production.

The composter comes with two removable charcoal filters. These trap odors to ensure your kitchen smells great. Besides, the bin features a classic design with a curved leaves design at its top. It’ll look great on your kitchen countertop.

What’s more, it has dual buckets and features a draft bucket design. Resultantly, it eases the emptying of leftovers without leaving a mess. Cleaning the bin is hassle-free, with the inner bucket being dishwasher safe.

It comes with a durable handle to ease emptying.


  • Natural coal filter for odor absorption
  • Dual bucket design to ease emptying
  • Dishwasher safe inner bucket for user convenience
  • Vented lid for ample aeration


  • Quite pricey
  • Its 4.48-pound weight is quite heavy
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5. OXO Good Grips Compost Bin – Best for Easy Use

OXO Good Grips comes with a rotatable handle that eases carrying your food scraps to your outdoor composter. Not to mention, it only weighs 1.19 pounds and has a 0.75-gallon capacity so that you don’t fatigue. Its compact size ensures it takes minimal space on your kitchen counter.

Additionally, This composter features smooth interior walls. These ensure that food doesn’t stick, so you’ll have a stress-free time emptying and cleaning it.

The countered bottom plus its removable top ensure you won’t struggle to empty it. Notably, this top uses a soft seal design that promotes adequate oxygen penetration. Thus, it prevents odor buildup giving you pleasant times in the kitchen.


  • Affordable thus ideal for stiff budgets
  • Compact size that’s perfect for countertops
  • Smooth interior wall to prevent sticking
  • Removable lid to ease emptying
  • Rotatable handle for effortless carrying


  • The .75 gallon size fills up quickly
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6. The Relaxed Gardener Compost Bin – Best for One-Hand Opening

With Relaxed Gardener, you don’t have to waste time filling it up. Its lid is removable with one hand for the effortless addition of food scraps.

It features a sturdy plastic construction. Unlike compost bins with metallic designs, it won’t rust, resulting in perforations. Plus, this ensures your compost is of the highest quality, free from toxic contaminants.

Moreover, this composting bin only requires one carbon filter for effective odor prevention. Still, it comes with two of them that ensures you don’t spend extra for the first year.

Are you always forgetting to get compostable bags? With this bin, you’ll omit such costs. Its smooth interior prevents scraps from sticking on the walls. Directly place your leftovers into its interior bin without worrying about rusting or cleanup difficulties.


  • Openable with a single hand for quick filling
  • Sturdy plastic construction to avoid rusting
  • Durable carbon filters to avoid smells
  • Compact size to fit any countertop


  • The 0.8-gallon capacity fills up a bit fast
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7. Gardenatomy Copper Kitchen Countertop Compost Bin – Best Copper Design

Do you want a classy compost bin that you can flaunt on your kitchen countertop? This copper finish unit fits in perfectly with your kitchen décor.

Interestingly, it comes with a set of dual activated carbon filters usable for an entire year. You’ll save money while keeping out pungent smells from your kitchen. Besides, its vented top permits adequate airflow. Hence, it significantly lowers odor production while facilitating better decomposition.

This composting bin boasts of 100% stainless-steel construction. Because of this, it prevents rusting to avoid the leaching of harmful contaminants to your food waste. Simultaneously, this prevents leakages that will mess your countertop.

Gardenatomy features a 1.3-gallon capacity that ensures it accommodates a lot of food scraps. And, it comes with a lifetime refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.


  • Stainless-steel construction to prevent rusting
  • Aesthetic copper finish
  • Come-along carbon filters to contain odors
  • Vented top permitting ample airflow


  • Quite pricey
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8. Joseph Joseph Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin – Best for Wide Opening

Being one of the affordable yet effective units around, Joseph Joseph is the perfect option for stiff budgets.

This one-gallon bin has a slim shape to occupy minimal space on your countertop. Still, it comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to position it on your door. If you want to get the most out of your space, here is the ideal unit for you.

Also, the bin features vents that permit adequate airflow to eliminate excessive moisture. Resultantly, it lowers odor production to ensure you enjoy fresh smells in the kitchen. Plus, it has replaceable carbon filters that tackle any smells produced.

The bin has a polypropylene body that prevents sticking for effortless cleaning. The stainless-steel handle ensures it doesn’t snap while you take the trash.


  • Affordable hence perfect for stiff budgets
  • Wide opening design to ease filling
  • Door-mountable for space-saving placement
  • A slim shape that takes little space
  • Adjustable vented design for odor prevention


  • Permits fruit fly entry
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9. Norpro Floral Blue/White Compost Keeper – Best for Ceramic Material

If you are looking for a compost bin that fits harmoniously with your kitchen décor, Norpro is your ideal option. It comes in four colors; hence there is something that will match your décor.

The bin has a vented top permits free airflow, which prevents excessive moisture. This way, it offers ideal conditions for decomposition while minimizing the production of foul odor.

Furthermore, it comes with carbon filters that effectively trap any pungent smells produced. With proper care, you can use each carbon filter for at least six months. Thus, they are long-lasting and effective.

It features a sturdy stainless-steel handle to avoid breakages as you transport your leftovers.

Finally, it has a one-gallon size hence perfect for days-worth of compost collection.


  • Come-along carbon filters to trap odors
  • Vented top to permit free airflow
  • Sturdy stainless-steel carry handle
  • Four colors to fit your décor perfectly


  • The handle may slip out
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10. Bamboozle Food Composter – Best Eco-Friendly

Do you love using nature-friendly products? The bamboo-made bamboozle bin ensures it decomposes cleanly once you discard it. Besides, the bamboo prevents rusting, which leads to the leaching of harmful chemicals to your compost.

It features a vented top that lets in air to ensure minimal moisture content in your food scraps. Hence, it lowers odor production while facilitating better decomposition. Given the ample aeration, it’s suitable as a nursery bin for worms.

This bin comes with a carbon filter that enhances odor control. Any odors not tackled by ample aeration get absorbed for fresh smells in the kitchen. Its compact shape occupies minimal space on your counter.

Additionally, this compost bin is dishwasher safe and effortless to clean, thus time-saving.

This unit features a one-gallon capacity to accommodate days worth of waste products. You won’t waste time continually emptying it.


  • Bamboo construction ensuring it’s biodegradable
  • Vented top for ample ventilation
  • Dishwasher safe and effortless to clean
  • Carbon filter for odor control


  • Quite pricey
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11. Third Rock Compost Bin – Best for Dual Layer

We included Third Rock because this option has a dual layer of powder coating. Due to this, it ensures enhanced rusting prevention for non-contaminated compost. Its sturdy stainless-steel lid rings ensure longevity.

This compost bin has a one-gallon capacity to accommodate several days worth of leftovers. Still, it has a compact size that fits into almost any kitchen cabinet. It won’t take much countertop space either.

This bin features a vented lid that permits ample aeration. Therefore, it provides ideal conditions for composting while lowering odor production. Not to mention, the unit comes with carbon filters to trap any smells produced.

Cleaning the bin is a breeze plus, it’s dishwasher safe.


  • Dual powder coating to prevent rusting
  • Vented top to facilitate enhanced aeration
  • Charcoal filters for effective odor prevention
  • One gallon capacity to accommodate many food scraps
  • Compact size ideal for counters and cabinets


  • Quite pricey
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12. Spigo Stainless Retro Compost Bin – Best for Retro Design

With five different colors, Spigo allows you to select the option that fits perfectly with your kitchen décor.

Its adequately vented top permits ample ventilation to lower moisture content. This ensures minimal odor production and proper decomposition. The adequate aeration makes it an ideal temporary housing for young worms.

It also comes with activated carbon filters to trap any odors produced for a pleasant home experience.

Given it’s a stainless-steel compost bin, you’ll use this bin for ages. It won’t leach toxins to your food scraps, ensuring you have the highest quality compost.

This composting bin features a one-gallon capacity that holds days’ worth of trash to lower emptying incidence. Nonetheless, the removable inner basket ensures you can effortlessly transport your leftovers.

Lastly, the compost pail comes with a 30-day full refund guarantee, so it’s risk-free.


  • Activated carbon filter for odor control
  • Removable basket to ease transportation
  • Stainless-steel construction ensuring rust prevention
  • 30-day full refund guarantee
  • Vented top for ample airflow


  • It may be small for some
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13. Full Circle Countertop Compost Bin – Best for Odor-free Storage of Food Scraps

With its patented top featuring strategically positioned vents, this compost bin permits enhanced aeration. As a result, it ensures optimal conditions for swift decomposition. Moreover, it prevents odor accumulation and fruit fly infestation, ideal for an enjoyable kitchen atmosphere.

With a capacity of 0.85 gallons and measuring 4” by 9.2” by 8.3”, this compact bin takes minimal counter space. Besides, it makes the transportation of trash hassle-free.

This countertop bin has a unique lid design with a protrusion that eases opening for filling with a single hand. Plus, it fits on the edges of your bin to ensure it doesn’t transfer germs to your kitchen counter.

The bin comes with three compostable bags to lower your expenses.


  • Patented technology for odor-free conditions
  • Come-along compostable bags to lower costs
  • Lid rests on bin’s edge for hygiene
  • Compact size ideal for kitchen countertops


  • Quite pricey
  • The 0.85-gallon size is a bit small
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14. Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector – Most Discreet

Full Circle offers you total convenience from storage to dirt collection and emptying. Its compact size allows you to store your waste products in your freezer. This way, you’ll eliminate fruit flies and odors for a relaxing time in your kitchen.

The compost pail has a wire ring that attaches to drawers. Consequently, it allows you to push dirt into it without having to hold it.

Additionally, it flips inside out. Thanks to this, emptying it is a breeze without having to touch the waste products. You’ll also enjoy stress-free cleaning as it has a non-stick silicone construction. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, saving you time and ensuring effectiveness.


  • Flips inside out to ease emptying
  • Attaches to drawers for swift waste collection
  • Compact design that fits in your freezer
  • Easily cleanable and dishwasher safe


  • Quite pricey
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15. Minky Homecare Food Compost Caddy – Best for Small Spaces

Why spend more when this super-affordable bin offers you the effectiveness you enjoy in pricier units?

Minky features a compact size with a 0.9-gallon capacity. It’s best for small spaces while still offering you adequate storage to avoid daily emptying.

The countertop bin has a sturdy handle that is comfortable in your hand. It won’t snap, creating a mess all over as you take out the trash.

Notably, Minky comes with a removable inner liner. Whether you have compostable bags or not, you can use them without straining during cleaning.

Its lid stays open, making filling it with waste products easy. There is no need to hold it as you empty your scraps into it.


  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy handle for hassle-free trash transportation
  • Stay-open lid for convenient filling
  • Compact size for minimal space use
  • Removable liner allowing flexible use


  • May attract fruit flies
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What Is the Best Kitchen Compost Bin?

The best compost bin should have a sturdy construction for long-term serving. It should also be rust-resistant to prevent the leaching of toxic substances into waste products.

Effortless opening and odor prevention are crucial, especially in the kitchen. Compact size takes little space on your counter while easing transportation.

Epica Steel Compost Bin meets these requirements; that’s why it tops our list. Still, any of our kitchen composters is excellent for your home or office.


Where Should I Put My Compost Bin in My Kitchen?

There are several places to put your compost bin that makes things convenient. Some of the best include:
– Under your kitchen sink
– In the oven
– Under plant stands
– On the counter
– In your freezer or fridge

How Do I Stop My Kitchen Compost From Smelling?

Here are the tips for odor reduction in your kitchen compost:
Bin Quality and Accessories
– Buy a high-grade countertop compost bin having charcoal filters.
– Use compostable bags in the case of pick up services.
Maintenance Practices
– Replace your filters after 4-6 months
– Empty your indoor compost bin frequently. Failure to put browns in your indoor compost bin may result in foul smells. Add scraps from your indoor compost bin to the outdoor compost bin after 2-3 days.
– Wash the compost bin liner after each use
– Dry your compost bin liner before usage

What Can I Use for Kitchen Compost?

There are many materials ideal for your kitchen, such as:
– Flowers
– Paper towel rolls
– Leaves
– Teabags and coffee grounds
– Fruit and vegetable peelings such as banana peels
– Stale bread
– Lint and pet hair
– Pencil shavings
– Nut and eggshells
– Shredded paper

How Do You Countertop Compost?

To countertop compost in your kitchen, ensure you use charcoal filters that’ll eliminate odors. While your bin composter should facilitate aeration, it should also keep out bugs for a smooth time.
Something important to remember is that most of your kitchen waste is green matter. Thus, ensure you add brown matter to your countertop composter for proper decomposition.

Are Compost Bins Worth It?

A composting bin has numerous advantages over a compost pile, including:

– They facilitate faster composting than other methods.
– Taking care of your compost is effortless and providing the ideal conditions for use as a worm composter is easy.
– Compost bins come in different designs that fit in with your décor. Unlike piles, they are neat.
– Most composter bins close, keeping out rodents. Thus, they are perfect for some foodstuffs that you wouldn’t place in a compost pile.
– You can place your compost bin in any location, unlike a compost pile. Due to ease of mobility, temperature control is effortless. This makes a compost bin ideal for use as a worm composter.

Should Compost Bins Be in the Sun or Shade?

Either location is okay, but the sun hastens the composting process. The higher the temperature, the faster the composting microorganism function (accurate to a certain level).


Don’t you want all the tools to keep your kitchen smelling fresh while avoiding bugs all over? With one of our best fifteen kitchen compost bins, you’ll have an easy time.

Besides, they look stylish, so you don’t have to hide them whenever you bring guests around.